Below you will find a list of items, which we consider to be very good value for money, at low prices for what they are. Several bike sites online will be searched and we will try to keep all the links up to date. If you find a bargain, or find an item in our list which is no longer available, please tell us.

Item Price RRP Saving
Sram Rival Rear Derailleur
£37.55 £72.99 £35.44
Planet X 25 Lux Get Set For Winter Bundle £29.99
£91.43 £61.44
Smart Lunar 10 Lux Front With 1/2 Watt Rear Light Set £12.99
105 5600 Groupset
£279.95 £499.95
  • 20% off : spend over £50 at Wiggle and get 20% off using code 20OFF_every  – Ends 27th September
  • 20% off : Brake pads at Evans cycles using code : SOWBRA
  • 10% offEverything at highonbikes using code : SEP10 – Ends 30th September 

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