Alutra Thermastretch Gloves

I brought these a few months ago from Evans for £12.99 down from £19.99. They are £7.99 now.

I must say that they feel really comfortable. The material is quite think, so you get no sores from holding the handlebars. They are very warm and block out all wind like they are meant to. They keep your hands warm when it is raining, but not dry. As soon as you take the gloves off when wet though, you will not be able to put them back on due to them making your hands freezing when wet. Easy to do all the gears and brakes and whatever else you might want to do (Apart from putting a thread through the eye of a needle). They do have a good texture on the palm section which allow them to grip.

The sizing’s are quite bizarre though. I needed a XXL and I don’t consider my hands to be that big. Very good for the money. I got the red ones, but they are also available in yellow and grey. (Grey must be brought elsewhere)

Here is the link to Evans to buy them. Link here


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