bTwin Cycle tool kit review

The bTwin cycle tool kit comprises of most of the tools that Decathlon stock but instead they come in a handy carry case and come at a much cheaper price when sold together.

The Kit consists of a chain whip, chain tool, spoke wrench, Shimano/FSA bottom bracket tool, crank puller, hub cone and pedal spanners, hex keys, a phillips and flat head screwdriver, adjustable spanner 15/14 spanner, Shimano lockring tool and a long handle hex key.

Having used the majority of the tools in a bike overhaul yesterday, I found that the tools were of high quality and have extremely practical features. All of the tools fit as they should of done and could be used without too much trouble. The only gripe I have about the kit is that the long handled hex key that is supposed to be used when removing lock rings etc. just doesn’t give enough leverage. If your bike hasn’t had parts such as the bottom bracket removed since you bought it, the factory or shop fitted parts will be far too tight to remove with the key provided.

Overall, I have no regrets with buying this product, it gives you the freedom to do your own mechanical work and gives you the ability to thoroughly remove and clean components from time to time. It gives you all of this for the price of maybe one visit to the bike shop and it’s a great experience to service your bike, yourself.

This tool kit is available from Decathlon for £32.99


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