Lidl Cycle Work stand review

After living with gears that needed indexing for a long time, I decided it was time to face the job that I hated. I know it’s quite simple but when you don’t have a bike stand to do it, it’s a pain. So when I got the newsletter about Lidl stocking some stands, I had to atleast try them.

The stand itself comes ready built and looks to be made out of quality materials. The only assembly needed is to insert certain poles and the clamp and tighten the screws via the twist-lock type knobs. There is even an allen key provided if you need to tighten any of the allen bolts that may be slightly lose from the factory. The only other thing to do is attach the handlebar holder, which is just two rubber strips so isn’t a problem.

The feet of the stand include several holes that can be used to fasten the stand down to a permanent position, but I’ve chosen to keep the stand portable and haven’t used them, but they look like they’ll be able to do the job if they needed to. The feet themselves extend enough to provide a solid base, I wouldn’t be afraid to put any sort of bike on them. Several metal rods fasten to each leg to make sure they don’t extend further than their limit.

All the adjustable parts fasten using the twist-lock type knobs that I mentioned earlier and provide plenty of security. The clamp itself can be secured at any angle and it will stay there with no movement.

Overall, I’d rate the product 5/5. It’s incredibly good value and great quality. The designer really has thought things through with the included tool tray and the handlebar holder which just make any task easier. I really can’t think of a downside to the product at all. It is available from Lidl for £35.99 usually during August-October or February-April.


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