Veho Muvi Camera

The Veho Muvi is one of the smallest helmet cameras on the market. It costs £69.99 from Evans here, which includes the extreme sports pack which contains several useful mounts, should you want to mount them to helmets etc. If you shop around, you may be able to find it cheaper but I recommend buying from Evans since their service is top notch. (Nottingham store anyway). There are also alot of clones of the Veho Muvi in the market, mostly from eBay. After reading several comments about the clones, it seems as the quality is not quite as good audio and visual wise, and the life time is much shorter, and you have no warranty.

Muvi Camera sizes

Muvi Camera sizes

As you can see from the image above, the camera is quite compact. It’s very easy to mount it onto anywhere on yourself, or your bike. There are several mounts which allow you to either mount it to your helmet, handlebars, forks, armband or anywhere you can think off. I’ve even put it on my seatpost using some simple selotape and the results were quite good. You can mount it to your handlebars, just by using some elastic bands around the bars+camera, and I quite like that position. I didn’t like it mounted on my helmet, because the only way I could mount it was to put it in the middle of my helmet, making me look like a Dalek.

The camera comes with a 2GB micro SD card, which is enough to film around 3 hours of footage. The battery lasts about this long aswell in my experience, but other users quote different results. Charging is done via USB cables, which are provided in the kit. It shoots 30 frames per seconds, in 640×480 resolution, so good enough to capture action whilst cycling.

There are 3 buttons/switches on the main camera body, which allow simple operation. There is an option to record whenever the camera hears a sound over 65 decibels, perfect for all those stalking reasons ;). The other switch is just a simple power on/off switch. To record, you just simply press the button on the top of the camera when it’s turned on. You will be able to operate this whilst wearing gloves.

Below is some footage, one daytime and one night-time.


See video above.


There have been some problems though. For one, is that about 9 months into having the camera, the recording button broke. I took it back to Evans, who were superb, and they got a replacement from Veho for me. One of the screws which hold the camera together also fell out when going over a bump, but after contacting Veho, they sent me a replacement FOC. Excellent customer service from them aswell. The final problem is the standard mounts. They have a tendany to crack off in the corners. This has happened to everyone of my mounts, but they still function with 2/3 of the clips.

– Ant.


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