Being built like I am, all I have going for me is my sprinting ability. My climbing ability leaves a lot to be desired. I am ok on the flats, but my average speeds don’t set the world alight.

So in this little post, I am going to be giving you a few tips on how to get better at sprinting.

Have Confidence

The main problem that occurred when I was trying to sprint was having no confidence in either me or the bike. I really did not like throwing the bike from side to side, especially whilst I was on the drops. With a little bit of practice, and doing it daily, this worry went away and now I know where the limit is for both me, and the bike.


Get on the drops, face down, ass up as the saying goes. Get your hips over the bottom bracket. Make sure you are on the drops somewhere where you can change your gear. Remember, you don’t want to be pushing a big gear to early otherwise you’ll burn out. Change up when you get to a decent cadence in one gear, just like redlining in a car.

Build those muscles up

I am quite lucky to of come from a football and rugby background, that I have quite strong leg muscles. Either by riding more, going to the gym or resistance training, if your muscles getting stronger and bigger, it will improve your sprint speeds, simple as that.


I did a few training routines to try and improve my sprint speeds, and over the summer they improved by around 3-4 mph. The routines that I found worked the best were the following.

Hill Sprints. Find a hill local to you, and sit in a gear that you would not usually push on that hill, whilst out of the saddle for 30 seconds. Do a few of these a day and you will see your speeds increase


Push a big gear. – Put your bike into a big gear (I used 50-14 for a few weeks). Then start off in this gear from standstill, and pedal for 30 seconds. Do a few of these a day, and you will see your speeds increase.


The biggest thing for me, is that I have to listen to a song for me to sprint well, either being singing in my head, or even listening to my ipod when training. I currently have two songs and they both let me blank out of the pain, and are quite good to get yourself into the sprinting sense of mind. Below are the two songs.

Heather Small – Proud

Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love

– Ant


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